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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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resume in washington. what democrats can do to slow down the deal with republicans. >> thursday, december 9th, today in the bay. good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm scott and brent has the day off. >> we start with developing news and crews are at the scene of a deadly accident that happened in the southbound lanes of 880 before washington avenue in san leandro. two cars crashed and one person is dead. we will continue to check with mike right now to see how it's impacting the morning commute. >> good morning scott and laura. the original incident was a person at the sand barrels just before you get to 238. that person got out of the car
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and was hit by a second vehicle. two cars were involved in the accident, causing a sigalert early on in the morning. that cleared by about 5:15 and there was no delay past the scene after that. the volume through 880 and a lot of fog through the area as well. the advicery for the bay bridge and this sigalert is causing a lot of slowing heading up to richmond and into san pablo. at one point, there were 10 cars with flat tires. still activity there as lanes reopened. a lot of distraction throughout area as well. >> very sad. thank you, mike. >> let's check the forecast with rob. a lot of patterns across the bay area. >> we are talking about fog in oakland. how about this view from the 880 camera. can't see a lot right now. light rain and 57 degrees to start off the morning. as we go power by power, not
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moving around much. clouds with scattered showers and in some cases the radar has been picking up with moderate rain. we will show you how long the rain will stick around coming up in a few mondays. back to you. >> we look forward to it. the families of homicide victims feel alone despite having the support of relatives and friends. an east bay mother whose son was shot to death put a local support group together and they're holding that. >> good morning. they are hoping to fill up a lot of chairs here at the home of chicken and ralphs here in jack london square. this t has been here since 1964, this particular business has been here for years and they are donating 100% of the proceeds from a breakfast fund-raiser to the foundation. here with me is the founder,
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marilyn washington harris. good morning. you can tell us what it is that the foundation does and why people should help out? >> the washington foundation actually goes out and works with responders for the city of oakland. we go to a family at the most tragic time of their live when is they lost a loved one to bring hope and healing to the family and the community including the schools if they are a young person. we show up at a time when most people don't want to be there. when a family is already in shock and don't know what to do. that's when we show up. >> you were saying you check in with the oakland police department almost every day and we were over 80 homicides. you yourself had a family tragedy that brought to you this point. >> correct. we are over 80, but under 100.
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that's excellent for the city of oakland. not good for the 80 plus families that lost loved ones. we are out there striving to stop some of this. not just why programs are helping us in the community, but we want this to stop. we need for it to stop. >> thank you very much. if you want to help out, the fund-raiser is this morning from 7:30 to 9:30. we were at the home of chicken and waffles at 444 embarcadero in jack london square from 7:30 to 9:30. they will have cal football players out there helping out. the cost is $25. that's the latest from here reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> helped out a lot of people. a councilwoman is hosting a meeting about armed robberies. robbers are hitting the trendiest neighborhoods and the latest happened not far from
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north berkeley bart station at hurst and martin luther king. earlier incidents happened around the popular gourmet ghetto. police are on the look out for robbers who are taking valuables from people on foot. the meeting is hosted and meant to get the word out to robbers. it starts at 7:00 at the church on the 1700 block of university avenue tonight. >> the dream act moves to the senate and the house moved in offering green cards to undocumented high school graduates who come to the u.s. before they were 16. they must have lived here for five years and have no criminal record and be headed to college or the military. president obama supports the bill, but it's expected to have a tough time passing through the senate. the president has a big or fight on his hands. the tax deal with republicans has proven to be very unpopular with democrats.
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it's expected to come up for a vote. democrats made it clear they could stall a vote until next year. that would mean your taxes will go up as schedule in a republican-controlled house will have to deal with it. >> let them tell the middle class it won't give them a tangs cut and tell the unemployed they can't have relief. >> bumping a vote to next year could force republicans in charge to share the blame for the huge debt the tax breaks will create. >> a toddler is recovering in a bay area hospital after nearly drowning in a hotel lobby. the mother frantically called 911 yesterday from the hotel in san francisco to hospital her son missing. upon arrival, police officers found the 1 1/2-year-old unconscious in a fountain hitten by what is described as a wall of water. the boy may have been trying to get close to a holiday display in which snow appears to fall into the lobby.
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>> it's really kind of graphic because when we got here, we were checking in and we could tell it was a small child. he was being wheeled away by paramedics. we didn't really know what happened. >> a statement released said the safety and security of guests is a top priority. spokes persons for the hotel said they are working with police to investigate the accident. >> 6:07 and documents show that california prison officials scrambled on a search for a lethal drug needed to carry out the first execution in five years. government papers obtained by the aclu showed that they traded lethal injection drugs with arizona and tried to get the drugs from well-stocked texas, but were smubed. the city of mountain view will hold a hearing about medical marijuana. they are looking to allow
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dispensarie dispensaries. the meeting startsa the city hall at 6:00 p.m. >> ensuring all students meet academic standards, there changes that many think of as standard procedure. according to the mercury news, a school board will vote on a proposal to create a middle school act and reinstate summer school for failing students and add back five days of class taken through furloughs this year. that would require clark the adult education system by $3.5 million. >> 6:08 and bob redell joins us with a preview he is working on and joins us live from outside the usgs. one scientist is being called a hero in regards to the bp oil spill. >> the presidential commission credited the scientist with sort of saving the day, helping put an end to the oil spill that last 86 days in the gulf of
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mexico, spilling millions and millions of gallons of oil. it was done with a simple cell phone picture that was e-mailed in his office here. an all nighter he pulled without any caffeine. we will have the story coming up. reporting live here in menlo parks. >> brilliant minds. >> fog and a dangerous morning in traffic. let's join mike inouye. >> good morning. we will take you out to the roads and a note from chp, very, very low visibility. highway 1 with reports below 100 feet. no. we are looking over to the san mateo bridge with the effects of the fog where it says 92. we see the lights and you can't see them closer to the peninsula where the camera is mounted because of the fog. a mist through the area mean you have to use the windshield
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wipers here. look at the effects through oakland as well. hard to see 880 with the tail lights. the headlights are more visible. keep the high beams off. just the low beams past the coliseum and the earlier deadly accident. all lanes cleared towards the bridge and heads north to the bay bridge. an earlier alert was canceled and the golden gate bridge and highway 1 with the low visibility. we will offer a lower speed advisory as well. we have that traffic coming up. back to you. >> let's talk. we will talk about fog, let's talk about it. >> a lot of it out there. we are seeing hair spray rain. tiny water droplets enough to coat the road. you may think you don't need the umbrella. the mist adds up as you drive to it. 57 degrees in san jose.
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look at the golden gate bridge. you are driving through a cloud with light rain and we showed you this 880 in oakland with fog and light rain. more substantial rain across parts of the east bay around walnut creek and concord. the same across the north bay and into the south bay, we are seeing showers moving over the top of the mountains. you can see the plume of moisture as it continues to spill in across the bay area for today. today we will see scattered showers and low 60s from san jose southward and 50s elsewhere. tomorrow all the clouds you saw, they will start to aim in as we transition to a drier forecast. one that will probably include morning fog for the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> i don't know a woman fond of hair spray rain. 6:11. a man chooses his family over following his dream. why his decision has so many people talking. >> the giants are supposed to start next season on the road.
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that could change. we will tell you why. do you have mummy thumb. a condition doctors are seeing more and more of. >> we will be back in a minute.
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while you are busy shopping for the holiday present, criminals are scorching for a new victim. life lock will be educating police officers about the scams going on but you have been kind enough to teach us what you will
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teach the cops. one of the things that surprised me was the skimmer that a waiter at a restaurant can carry around. >> what are we are seeing is an increase in people telling us about skimming scams. maybe they have gotten a charge and the credit card is still in their wallet. i'm at a restaurant and pay for my meal. the waiter or waitress might have this device. they get maybe $50 a pop. >> they're make my credit card and i assume they are going to the register. >> exactly. this is my credit card. all i need to do is swipe it and it's in the device. i will upload it to the computer and use it like this. what i will do with this is swipe right here. >> a blank whatever. >> any type of white plastic. i can buy 50 of these for $7. now i have a copy of your credit card. think of the places where you go. >> all the swipers.
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it looks legitimate. >> exactly. think about the places you go that you don't have to show your card. you can get away with using this form of white plastic. that's what happens. >> you can teach at a seminar. they are aware. technology moves so quickly, you need to be there to educate them. the fbi is also involved. approximate. >> along with the sheriff's office are hosting this event: we will talk about a lot of techniques. identity theft is not new, but the way that criminals are going about making these crimes happen is also changing. it's getting them together and everyone is sharing stories and learning on top of that is a great class. >> paige peterson, good to know that the good guys are also thinking ahead as well. >> that's right. makes you cautious with your own moves. 6:16 and china's top official
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met with kim jung ilabout diffusing tension. this is the first time the north korean leader has met with the china official since north korea shelved the island. they said the two sides reached a consensus on the growing crisis in the region, but didn't elaborate on what was said. china is calling on six emergency talks including the u.s., japan, and russia. the u.s. is refusing to participate in the talks. the chairman is in japan where he said china must get serious about stopping the nuclear program. today is the deadline to get your input in on the city's plan to keep the a's in the east bay. the planning commission is taking feedback on what should be included in an impact report for the project. a 3900-seat ballpark is built on the site along lake merit
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channel. the public comments should be sent to the city's community and economic development agency. so far, money, traffic, architecture, terrorism and jobs have been hot topics at recent meetings. the giants season opener could come a day earlier than expect and at home. the major league baseball and espn are trying to get to an evening game to open the season. they want the game to be held at at&t park on thursday, march 31st instead of the planned opening day at dodger sa stadium on friday, april 1st. the state of the plan is in the hands of the player's union. they played game one in san francisco and head to l.a. for a-game set. >> the sharks are back on the ice at 4:00. they won a wild one in philadelphia last night and will jump to overtime. the score is tied and time is running out. it looks like the flyers have it. wait though.
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nope. take a look. there wasn't time and the game goes to a shootout. the sharks put two in the net and win, 5-4. warriors just lost the fifth game in a row. reggie williams score and it wasn't enough to beat the spurs. they lose 111-94. the next game is a big one. a man is giving up this is hs dream for the sake of his family. what sports and a man turned down a chance to play football with a super bowl contender. >> it was so quick and i had a phone call and they were going to sign and you get rid of it. >> a southernyman free agent who got cut this year. it was the culmination of hard work as an athlete and also an offer he would have to decline. >> this would be the fourth time and i had a good relationship with them.
6:20 am
i have been there and i had to do this. my family just stays working for the folks. >> the security of his job at norfolk southern was better than his dream job with the jets. his dad is disable and hey wasn't about to leave his mom with the burden of making ends meet alone. >> we are a small family and loves his grandma and aunts and uncles and we talk about them and called them all the time. it's just we are very close. >> even the jets coach had to admire his loyalty to family. >> that's one of the reason yes we wanted that kid. he's a tough guy. he's a guy with a lot of character. she just a really outstanding young man. >> since he was a kid, he was fascinated by trains and had a train horn installed on his car.
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>> being able to ride them as a kid, they just like to hear the horn and how loud it is. being able to ride and going 40 and 50 miles an hour is so exciting to be able to do. >> turning down a shot in the nfl is tough. so tough he can't watch too many games without getting heart sick for all the action. getting cut is tough too. when that happens, his family was all he had. >> during the downtime, nobody was there for me. being released from a team, mom, dad, and immediate family. that's all that was there for me. >> now he will be there for them. >> what are a good son. >> keith whitney is reporting that for us. mike joins us. getting a little bit back to normal after a crazy start to the commute. >> things are sorting out after a couple of sigalerts and the major slowing. things are starting out to the
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typical slow pattern in antioch. highway 4 at 10 miles per hour. l street where i have the sensor slow off the bridge and all the way to summersville. this is a typical thursday flow that is lighter than on tuesday and wednesday. livermore with the back up as well. 19 minutes out of the pass through the heart of livermore with the most slowing. things are better towards the dublin interchange. that will take 20 to 30 minutes. overall throughout the east bay, the travel times with 880 through oakland. foggy, but we have 60 miles per hour heading north from 238 past the coliseum. west on 80, the east shore freeway holding up nicely. a live look with the fog filling in. likely turned on and the fast
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track turning in. visibility is tough on highway 1. the incident through daley city as well. >> 6:22 right now. doctors say more moms are dealing with an issue mummy thumbs. what you can do to fix it, next. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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welcome back. showing you the view of the radar for the last hour, pretty good rain approaching the south bay and moving in within the next hour or so across the rest of the bay area. fog and rain across parts of the north bay towards vallejo along interstate 80 and down 680 into concord with light to moderate rain. south bay seeing scattered showers and crossing through redwood city and heavy mist at times. offshore that's where we will see more showers coming in and spilling across the mountains for the morning.
6:26 am
showers and temperatures, 50s to low 60s and a soggy day. most of the showers should head to the north bay and the weekend will clear out, but waking up to foggy mornings through monday. >> good to know. doctors are seeing a rise in mummy thumbs. it's a pain on the thumb side of the wrist that shoots up the forear forearms. they think children are getting heavier, there older cribs and, older new moms and frequent smart schooling. dads can get it too. they have patients in splints and give them steroid shots. if those don't work, they are recommending surgery. >> i have mommy's body. hitting the road with the kids can be hectic. do your best to keep them safe. a bay area swim coach scores a big job. how she is making history, coming up.
6:27 am
the facebook founder joins an exclusive and generous group. a live look outside as rob mentions, foggy in some parts and clearing in oths. major clearing for the weekend. 6:26 right now. ma
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good morning. hoping to fill up a lot of chairs at this restaurant this morning for a fund-raiser for victims of violence. we will explain how you can help in a live report. >> a bay area scientist gets credit for keeping the p oil spill from looking at a cell phone picture. his story in a live report. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it's foggy in the bay area. be careful. we will check in with rob. coming up on 6:30, december 9th
6:30 am
on today in the bay. >> good morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. brent is off and scott will join me in a few minutes. we have a look at the forecast and what you are calling hair spray. >> it is causing problems for hair dos or the morning drive. look at oakland. you have heavy drizzle coming down and fog is slowing the commute. mike will have an update and we will show you temperatures. hour by hour. they are not budging. balmy in the mid-and upper 50s and most likely that's the way we finish the day as more rain continues to spill in. locally heavy rain lurking offshore of the south bay. we will be watching closely. the full forecast in a few minutes. >> we look forward to it. the fog is causing a traffic advisory. we want to check in with mike. >> hair spray rain. i laugh in the face of that. the fog is the issue for the
6:31 am
drive overnight for the bray bridge. the low visibility will lower the speeds and the signs lit up to give the advisory as well. the bay bridge with something else lit up. the metering lights with the live look and the volume of traffic that slams down over the last 10 minutes. turned on just about 6:20. the back up on the overcrossing. the volume is coming through the maze and fog along the coast as well. the usual suspect with sunol not showing any fog. 680 out of pleasanton through fremont and into the south bay. 101 shows the slowing and a typical pattern for the south bay. >> thank you very much. 6:31 and teams strange to say that breakfast account help victims of crime, but christie smith is outside the home of chicken and waffles. >> reporter: good morning to you. breakfast is getting start and
6:32 am
looking good. they have a bunch of sausage on the grill this morning. they have their waffle irons open. we are at the home of chicken and waffles in jack london square. the fund-raiser gets started at 7:30 this morning for the khadafi foundation for nonviolence. here with me is marilyn washington harris. good morning. you are the founder. tell us what this is for. >> the khadafi washington foundation is hosting a fund-raiser this morning. it's our second annual breakfast. it's to raise funding for the organization so we can bring help, hope, and healing to a community that's hurting because of unexpected violent crime that happened. >> okay. can you talk about the things that you guys do? we were talking earlier and you said you check in with the oakland police department quite often. at this point we are above 80 homicides you said. what kinds of things do you do for families who are suffer
6:33 am
something. >> some of the things we do, we check in with the homicides daily. the other thing is we go out to families and they refer to families. we go out to the families and sit down and talk with them and assess their needs and help them with funeral planning and service planning and we provide transportation. we provide counseling service through catholic charityings of the east bay. we also refer out for jobs. we are all kind of connected here. we provide the most immediate need for the family at med time. that may be anything from the ads coming in and writing down the things they think they need. then explaining to them this is a way that you want to do it we don't tell them what to do. we do it the way we want. we can instruct and direct them.
6:34 am
we can't tell them the decision to make. >> these families are i'm sure in shock. thank you very much. i wanted to say that the fund-raiser starts at 7:30 at the home of chicken and waffles here in jack london square. 444 embarcadero west it. costs $25, but all the proceeds, 100% go to the khadafi foundation. a good cause this morning. live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> nice mom dedicating her to that. 6:34 right now. kids from trace elementary school will go on a shopping trip with officers from the city's police department. trace elementary is a school that was nearly destroyed by an arsor fire. it will help a group of 27 lower income students buy gifts for the families and themselves. each child will get a gift card
6:35 am
from farg et. an alameda sheriff's deputy is pleading not guilty. michael moreno remains in jail and faces 10 counts of child molestation. he was placed on leave after he was arrested on november 5th. this morning police in beverly hills say an ex-con acted alone in gunning down a hollywood publicist in a robbery gone wrong. police say ballistic tests linked the gun to harold martin smith, the man who killed himself after the standoff with police. investigators say the gun he used in the suicide is the same gun used to kill ronni chasen as she drove home from a movie premier. smith was riding a bicycle and tried to rob her as she waited to make a left turn off of hollywood boulevard. more electric car charging stations are popping up around
6:36 am
san francisco. the hilton san francisco, ace parking and general motors. the plan is to build convenient stations for drivers before chevrolet rolls out the volt in the bay area. they will be built at hotels, workplaces and shopping malls. >> mark zuckerberg is adding his name to the list of philanthropists. he is one of 17 billionaires promising to give away at half of their fortunes. 57 billionaires have joined the pledge led by warren buffett and bill gates. they don't collect money or tell them how to dish it out, it just gets the commitment from the charities. zuckerberg's cofounder also joined that pledge. >> a cal swim coach is the first woman ever chose tone head up the women's swim team. she is already counting down to the 2012 london games. the long time coach at the
6:37 am
university of california was an assistant coach and will head the women's squad at the next olympics. she will be the first to serve in a head coaching role for the u.s. olympic swim team. >> being named olympic coach is obviously a huge honor. maybe some day it won't be as noteworthy as whether you are male or female. >> 2012 games are still 595 days away and just like in years past, nbc bay area is your official statement. lead to nbc bay area for stories leading up to the 2012 games. >> 6:37 and your office party could be a sign that better time are on the way. find out why. >> a scientist is a hero connected to the bp oil spill. see what he figured out in a live report. >> we are tracking patchy fog and moderate rain arriving smack in the middle of the morning drive. a live look outside through the fog and misty skies. the forecast is coming up next
6:38 am
on today in the bay.
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6:40 am
a live reportin a moment. right now we have patchy fog and
6:41 am
substantial rain about to aim into the south bay in the next half hour or so. heavier showers offshore and due to the clouds and the showers we will have out there today, highs in the upper 50s to low 60s around the bay area towards the afternoon. near 62 and 50 frz san francisco northward with scattered showers along with patchy thick fog. come tomorrow, most of the showers should be off to areas north of the petaluma. one more day into saturday and sunday. patchy thick fog in the bay area. in the high country we are watching more snow flying. a great start so far and joining us live where it is breezy out there. i hear gusty winds where you are. >> reporter: yes. good morning on this blustery thursday morning at mammoth mountain. we are seeing snow showers that started in the middle of the night. we are expecting them to continue through the next day or
6:42 am
so. as you mentioned, we had a fantastic start to the season. we are reporting a base step of to seven feet of snow. the entire mountain will be open for skiing and riding. one of the best starts in the last couple of years. don't forget next week, we are introducing two flights from the bay area. one from san jose and one from sfo and to kick that off, we are giving away to your viewers, the ultimate mammoth vacation. airfare for four and three nights's accommodation and vip treatment at a special event. it's a price package valued at nearly $4,000. today is the last day to sign up at for the information, visit mammoth >> go in and get warm. go to nbc bay area and search for mammoth and you will find an
6:43 am
entry form to get that package to mammoth ski resort. that's a look at the forecast. back over to you. >> approximate are take a look at the powder. looks inviting. >> the government reminding everyone to stay safe. we will have a live report from washington, d.c. up next. >> taking a live look and it's foggy in the bay area. it could commute in a bit. we willbi check the commute wit mike. 6:43 right now. the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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earlier fog with mike as well. >> time is 6:45. >> if you take a lot of sick days, somebody could be watching you. more companies are hiring private detectives to see if employees are playing hooky. s have been on the rise show it's not illegal. they found that approximate 57% of salaried employees take sick days when they are not sick. that's up nearly 20% from the study that took place between 2006 and 2008. >> more bes are letting the good times roll. a survey by business consultants say 68% plan to hold holiday parties this year, up 6% from last year. caterers say companies are booking more venues and spending more on parties. even so, planners say there is not the over the top emphasis on spending like last year. >> the ntsb has a reminder before you hit the road.
6:47 am
buckle the kids up whether you travel by car or plane. tracie potts show us the best way to keep them safe. >> the public forum will explore whether or not we are using the car seats and safely. they are taking a look at whether the design can be improved. they are looking into this because a lot who are not using car seats in california. if they are under five or under 60 pounds, they have to be restrained. what's drawing attention to the meeting is the fact that they're looking into whether restrains need to be used with children in flight. if you have a child under 2, they can sit in your lap. an accident has been proven that they can make a difference and
6:48 am
parents can't hold on in turbulence or in the unfortunate case of an accident. for years, the ntsb has been trying to make the guidelines that the children have to be restrained, but that has not happened. what can you do? buy a 60 so they have a seat. it's expensive, but a lot safer. use an approved car seat and check in during turbulence or landing to make sure it's installed properly. >> a lot of people try to save money by taking advantage of 2 and under. >> the argument has been a kid in a lap is safer on an airplane than buckled in a car. that's something that the government had to struggle with as far as what do we recommend and wa wha can family afford. >> the struggle between the
6:49 am
money and the safety of our kids. strap them in if that's what the airline said. go for it. you don't have to take the seat. we have another restraint system. a few options for you. we are going to look at the highway 1 where this is an issue if this is the option. visibility is very low. less than 100 feet at times through highway 35. what's likely causing the slowing through daley city and to the city as well. furthered north, the golden gate bridge has low visibility and debris reported in the fog southbound at the north tower. that's a note to lower the speeds. they have scattered reports and the mud debris into the city. fog for the bay bridge and the
6:50 am
back up continues to build. the meters lights have been on since about 6:20. about 25 minutes off of the bridge and the rest showing a nice easy drive. we will take a look and it changed over five mondays. it's tough to see with rain through the area. >> all sorts of combinations and the time lapse goes back to when we started at 4:30. most of the rain looks like the middle of the commute and down pours across the coast. pockets of rain spilling into roadwood city and along highway 1, the rain crossing heading into san jose in the next 45 minute or so. patchy fog and showers and showers should decrease in coverage, but you have to wait for the weekend for the showers to leave the forecast. morning fog and more of a temperature as we head towards saturday and sunday.
6:51 am
this week in houston, looking into what caused the bp oil spill. a study from the presidential oil spill commission outlined what went on behind the scenes as bp and the government tried to stop million was gallons of oil from gushing into the gulf and out of that came a hero. a man credited with saving the day turns out to be right from the bay area. bob redell joins us from menlo park with the rest of the story. >> good morning there scott. the turning point in the bp spill in the gulf of mexico hinged on a cell phone picture and a lone scientist working in the office behind me. dr. paul shay, a research
6:52 am
hydrologist tried to stop the spill. there appeared to be a new cap and low pressure indicated there may be a leak. the government was thinking about removing the cap and wanted the doctor's opinion first. he had no access to the data in the computers in houston. a colleague e-mailed him a cell phone pick of the monitor displaying the pressure readings which shay sketched out for us. this was 6:00 at night. the government needed an answer and shea created a computer model based on the information he was able to get from the cell phone picture, he double and triple check and the next morning he presented results in a power point presentation to the secretary and the rest of the science team convincing them that the pressure readings were fine. keep the cap on. essentially putting an end to the poil spill.
6:53 am
>> being able to contribute to an effort of national scope without the press attention was already very satisfying. >> the doctor said yes, he felt a lot of pressure in the all nighter. no caffeine. the coffee maker was locked in another building and he had no coins for the soda machine. this was last minute and not much time to prepare. he did have an adrenaline rush to keep him going. live here in menlo park. >> a hero and a hero without coffee. >> big time hero. the "huffington post" announced the wikileaks hackers are turning attention to twitter called operation pay back. the hackers also caused havoc with mastercard and visa along with the pac website.
6:54 am
the founder said that his blood on his hands for a leaked government document. the hackers accused twitter of sensoring discussions about their activities. >> ross, chandler, rachel, and joey are out of the coffee shop and fighting terrorism these days. that's one of the u.s. diplomatic cables released by wikileaks. reruns of shows like friends run unsensored in saudi arabia. the cable said the shows do more to keep muslims from becoming jihadists than anything else because they give a view of america they haven't seen before. tonight nbc joins the like of rudolph the red nosed reindeer telling a story through clay. >> what did you say we were? >> motion animated. >> i don't understand what he's saying. >> i never understand what any of you are saying. >> you don't see it? i noticed it this morning. >> they are looking for the true
6:55 am
means of christmas. the stain staking cast for the animators. they are only able to record about 50 successes per day and the episode runs 22 minutes. >> i'm excited to see how it's putting to and nervous because we had to sing a lot. >> that's what christmas is. everybody [ singing ] s pretty well with the exception of joel. >> that's what christmas is ♪ >> i don't remember the rest. >> you can see that at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. >> how cool would it be to have a newscast like that? >> some do little pieces and it takes forever. just forever. it would be tough. we have it in about four weeks. a live look at what's going on on the east shore freeway. this is where the cool kids are hanging out. the east shore freeway with the tail lights under the university
6:56 am
avenue overcrossing where things bogged down. 45 mondays through the fog and the visibility. a big factor this morning. hercules is where things build up. westbound past highway 4. the carquinas and benicia bridge with a typical build up. jammed through antioch and slowing through pittsburgh and bay point. 580 westbound and the 25-minute drive. clearing up as you pass towards livermore. further south and it's 680. traffic flows over the hill into fremont. the low clouds hovering around, but south of fremont into san jose moving nicely. just the typical slowing. >> the mist and drizzle named hair spray rain. everyone knows. >> do you promise it will add
6:57 am
volume? >> good for your skin. >> let's show you the radar. it's more than hair spray rain. any time you are into the yellow and the orange, they are down into the south bay today. yes, it is going to be a showery day today. tomorrow main le for the north bay and the weekend are going to dry out the foggy mornings and better hair days ahead. >> any volume right there? >> you have a big head. >> thanks for joining us. the "today" show is up next. >> a local news update in a half hour and every half hour after that. despite the hair spray rape. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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